About Enviotic

environmental probiotic solutions for the control of harmful microorganisms

Growing Perils of Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) Harmful Microorganisms are Mutating at a Faster Rate…

  • Antibiotic resistant organisms have become a significant and dangerous problem in healthcare environments
    • Prior to 1985, antibiotic resistance occurred over 10 + years*
    • Since 1985, many examples of organisms developing resistance in < 1 year (levofloxacin)*
    • Healthcare providers are reluctant to prescribe antibiotics for treatment of minor infections
  • Harmful organisms can also become resistant to commonly used chemical cleaning agents
    • Improper cleaning techniques
    • Dilution of cleaning agents for cost savings


Growing Peril of Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) And Expected to Cause More Deaths Globally Than Cancer by 2050…

Enviotic Solution: Control the Inevitable Transition from Age of Antibiotics to Age of Probiotics

    • Universal solution to control and prevent microbial infections and anti-microbial resistance
    • Environmentally sustainable and all-natural 
    • Proven product lineup in Europe for 13 years
    • US market primed for rapid expansion
      • Consumers have realized benefit of probiotics for gut health
      • Holistic approaches to germ management are appealing


Science Behind Our Probiotics

      • Probiotics in Progress (PIP)
        • 50 million probiotics per mL
        • Consumes food sources of harmful microbials to starve them to death (controls drug-resistant strains)
        • Produces enzymes that break down organic dirt producing unpleasant odors
        • Overcrowds microbial colonies to prevent further growth of harmful microbial population (controls drug-resistant strains)
        • Consumes allergenic proteins (i.e. dust mite excrements) that cause allergies