Benefits Of Skin Moisturizer

Benefits Of Skin Moisturizer If you want healthy, beautiful skin, moisturizer is the way to go. But do you really understand what a moisturizer does? And are you putting it to good use?  The primary role of a moisturizer is to provide hydration to dry skin and prevent it from drying out again. Aside from […]

Here’s Why Moisturizing Your Face Should Be An Essential Part Of Your Skincare Routine

Here’s Why Moisturizing Your Face Should Be An Essential Part Of Your Skincare Routine It seems like everywhere you look nowadays you may find an ad for skincare. There’s a vast range of cleansers, exfoliators, and moisturizers. Cleansers and exfoliants are fairly self-explanatory in terms of their functions in your skincare routine, but what about […]

Skincare Routine Explained

Skincare Routine Explained Any skin care routine should aim to tune up your complexion so it performs at its best, as well as repair or target any areas you wish to improve.  The products you use will change as your skin’s needs change as you get older.  These three steps can become a daily routine […]

The Good And The Bad In Biofilm

The Good And The Bad In Biofilm It’s simple to see why bacteria on surfaces need to be disinfected but have you ever questioned how germs get onto surfaces in the first place? Enter BIOFILM.  Scientists have learned more about these dense colonies of bacteria that generate an extracellular substance that connects a community of […]


PROBIOTICS’ ANTI AGING EFFECTS Probiotics are great at keeping our stomach healthy & happy, but we discovered that taking probiotics on a daily basis can help enhance both skin & digestive tract.  Skin microbiome or skin microbiota is a community of bacteria on the skin’s surface. It protects you from infections that can damage your […]