PROBIOTIC CLEANER It’s no surprise that probiotics are a powerful tool for better digestion and general health. This popular wellness cure is now making its way into the realm of cleaning goods, based on the concept that wellness isn’t just about fighting off harmful bacteria, but also about supporting the growth of healthy bacteria. Probiotic […]


PROBIOTICS’ ANTI AGING EFFECTS Probiotics are great at keeping our stomach healthy & happy, but we discovered that taking probiotics on a daily basis can help enhance both skin & digestive tract.  Skin microbiome or skin microbiota is a community of bacteria on the skin’s surface. It protects you from infections that can damage your […]

The Benefits of Probiotics for Acne

The Benefits of Probiotics for Acne Probiotics have both internal and external effects, and one method of use could be more effective than another for each person. Learn more about how probiotics are good for your skin, and how they can help in treating your acne problems. Strengthens skin’s natural moisture barrier: If you’ve over […]

The Benefits Of Probiotics For Your Dog

Not all bacteria are created equally. While some types of bacteria can make your dog ill, other types of bacteria are actually essential for your pet’s health. Beneficial bacteria are known as probiotics. They are bacteria that naturally live in your dog’s body, helping to boost their immune system, aid in digestion, and produce certain […]