Can We Clean With Probiotics Instead Of Chemicals?

Can We Clean With Probiotics Instead Of Chemicals?

Chemical pollution is a very complex problem facing our world today. Cleaning products are a big culprit in this issue. As major producers of cleaning products continue to create “new and amazing” products to clean our homes and businesses, little study has actually been done to assess what the long-term effects might actually be, or how all these unique and different chemical cleaners will interact with each other on the chance they come into contact with one another.

These chemicals are everywhere. They are in our shampoo, our liquid soap, our washer detergents, and cleaning sprays. These products all rely on chemicals to kill germs and create a sterile environment. At first glance, that sounds great, right? I mean who doesn’t want something clean and sterile? The only problem with this is it’s not natural. The world is not sterile. While a sterile environment might be a necessity for something like an operating room in a hospital, killing all living things with chemicals everywhere else is actually harmful to the environment. So the question becomes how do we approach this?

Using Probiotics As A Cleaning Alternative

Probiotic cleaning products are a fantastic alternative to purposely wiping out all bacteria (good and bad). Probiotics use bacteria as the actual cleaning agent. The probiotic cleaner deploys good bacteria that will feed on pollutants and kill the harmful bacteria in your home. It’s natural and organic and most importantly it’s non-toxic and better for healthy indoor air quality, reduction of allergies and asthma.

Another advantage to using probiotic cleaners is the disposal of the cleaners themselves. Chemical cleaners we pour down bathroom sinks and laundry drains don’t just vanish into thin air. Ultimately, they end up in natural waterways, oceans, and aquatic ecosystems. This has a negative impact on the well-being of our environment. Probiotic cleaning products come from the soil, so when you pour probiotic cleaning products down the drain, you are returning them to their place of origin and not harming the environment.

Finally, you might not consider this, but our bodies absorb chemicals from cleaning agents via our airways and skin. Volatile organic compounds from chemical cleaning products evaporate into the air and make their way into the nervous system, kidneys and liver. Your skin is a sponge, and many of the harmful chemicals within cleaning products use this as a passageway into your bloodstream. 

In small doses, these things might not seem like they would impact our health or planet that much. But collectively, they do add up and make a difference. In fact, more than 32 pounds of cleaning products go down the drain in American households EVERY day. Using green cleaning products though which are biodegradable, non-toxic, and have a much lower impact on the environment after they’ve been used in our homes can help offset this and make our environment healthier for everyone.